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Housing Policies

Stevenson College StudentsMany students living in the residential buildings make two important discoveries: first, they have more individual freedom than before; and second, the intense academic demands and shared living arrangements require more self-control and individual discipline than ever before.

Because the residential communities exist within the larger structure of the university, residents remain subject to university policy, as well as federal, state, and local laws. It is your responsibility to know the policies and rules of the university. Staff do not assume the role of a parent, but behavior that violates university policy will be addressed and may result in disciplinary warnings, sanctions, and/or loss of housing privileges.

It is our goal to provide a safe, secure and educational community for all residents. In that spirit, this list is compiled to highlight some of the policies, rules and regulations (this is by no means a complete list). All of these are in conjunction with the university policies stipulated in the UC Santa Cruz Student Policies and Regulations Handbook and theTerms and Conditions of residence.


Aerial Objects
Throwing or dropping anything from or at buildings, windows, or balconies is prohibited. Building interiors, patio areas, public quads, and public walkways are not to be used for play involving throwing or kicking of any object.

Federal and state laws, as well as university policy, prohibit alcoholic beverages from being sold, furnished, possessed by, or given to any person under the age of 21. In addition, no possession or transportation of open containers or consumption of alcoholic beverages will be allowed in public areas by any person, regardless of age or college affiliation. Kegs or other “common source” containers holding alcoholic beverages are not allowed on campus and may result in termination of your housing contract.

Animals and Pets
No pets (except fish in a 10-gallon or smaller aquarium) are allowed in the residential community.

Balconies and Building Exteriors
Objects are not allowed to be displayed, draped, or placed outside of residential buildings and apartments. Additionally, items may not be placed on balconies or affixed to railings. Items may be removed and residents may be held responsible for this policy violation.

To comply with fire regulations and for general purposes of safety, bicycles may not be parked in walkways, hallways, stairways, or entryways. Illegally parked bicycles may be removed by college staff. It is a requirement to equip your bicycle with the appropriate lights and reflectors. We strongly recommend all bikes be secured with a lock.

Candles, Incense, or Sage
No smoking materials, including the items listed above, can be burned in any residential room or apartment.

Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
The university and the college must adhere to all federal and state laws as they pertain to illegal substances. Delivering, furnishing, transferring, manufacturing, using, and possessing illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited at the university. Additionally, the university does not recognize the privileges associated with a medical marijuana card. Drug paraphernalia is defined as all equipment, material, and products intended for use or designed for use in growing, processing, harvesting, storing, concealing, injecting, ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing a controlled substance into the human body. Violation of these laws and policies will result in judicial action at the college level and may result in police and local, state, and/or federal intervention.

Fire Safety
Any person who willfully tampers, covers, restricts, or breaks any public or private fire alarm apparatus or any fire fighting equipment or gives, transmits, or sounds any false alarm of fire is guilty of a misdemeanor. Any such violation could result in disciplinary action and a maximum fine of $500 and six months in jail. Extinguishers and alarms are for your use, should the need arise. The cost of refilling a misused extinguisher, as well as any damages resulting from the extinguisher being discharged, will be charged to the person or persons responsible.

Furniture may not be removed from any residence room/apartment or common area. Students found in possession of college/university furniture, other than what was assigned to their room/apartment, may be charged for its replacement. Residents found to have dismantled furniture without college permission will be charged for all costs related to reassembling the furniture and replacement costs. Room, apartment, and lounge furniture may not be taken outside and/or onto patios, decks, or balconies.

Halogen Lamps
Because of the high risk of fire, all halogen lamps are prohibited in residential facilities.

Harassment Policy
Physical and verbal harassment will not be tolerated by students, staff, or faculty and is prohibited on the UC Santa Cruz campus. If any form of harassment occurs, notify a staff member immediately. It is the policy of the college and the university that the working and learning environment shall be free of harassment, including any form of sexual harassment. The college and the university will take action to eliminate harassment. For further information on sexual harassment please refer to the Student Policies and Regulations or contact the campus Title IX Officer at (831) 459-2462.

Inappropriate Behavior
Any students who are a danger to themselves or other community members, or who refuse intervention for a situation harmful to themselves or others, may be asked to leave and/or be restricted from the college residential area.

Musical Instruments
Instruments are allowed in the residential facilities however amplification and drum sets are not permitted in the residential facilities. Instrument use must conform to established noise policies.

Noise Policy
To preserve academic and community standards, noise levels must be held to a minimum at all times and students will be expected to adhere to campus quiet hours. Quiet hours shall be maintained between the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., Sunday through Thursday and 12:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., Friday and Saturday. Twenty-four hour quiet hours are in effect beginning at 12:00 a.m. on the Friday prior to the start of finals.

Pests such as bedbugs are a resurging, worldwide problem and have been found in five-star hotels, college residences, hospitals, and virtually all other types of housing throughout the United States. Students are expected to play their part in ensuring that such pests are not introduced into our community. All items brought into the residences should be free of pests—including clothing, bedding, suitcases, backpacks, packing materials, furniture (avoid bringing any second-hand furniture), and other belongings. Students should take precautions when traveling away from campus to avoid acquiring pests so as not to introduce an infestation in university housing. While in residence you are expected to maintain a clean and sanitary residence, free of clutter, and to inspect the residence periodically. If you discover or suspect a pest problem seek assistance by placing a work order ( Please do not attempt to treat a problem yourself. Our staff is trained to handle these situations and can arrange for the room or apartment to be inspected and, if necessary, cleaned by extermination experts.

Smoke-free & Tobacco-free Environment
In accordance with University policy, smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco products, the use of e-cigarettes, and the use of unregulated nicotine products is prohibited in all UC Santa Cruz facilities, on all University grounds, and on all University-owned and leased properties regardless of location. This policy applies to all indoor and outdoor areas, and is also applicable to all vehicles when on University property and to University controlled vehicles wherever in use. more »